Employee Orientation

About Applicant Orientation     

Application Orientation is an opportunity for applicants to meet with the Vessel Recruiters. In Application Orientation, you will have the chance to learn about the Ocean Peace culture and what to expect when working on the vessels.  We will present a short video that demonstrates the way we process our fish and what the job entails.  Vessel Recruiters will be on hand to answer any questions that may come up.  After the group orientation, the recruiters will begin one on one interviews.

PLEASE NOTE THAT APPLICATION ORIENTATION IS BY INVITATION ONLY.  Please do not bring others with you. There is a café down the street from the office where family and friends can wait for applicants to finish orientation and the interview.  There are no public restrooms at the office.


How do I get invited to Applicant Orientation?

Complete an application either on-line or in person.  The Vessel Recruiters will review it. If the Vessel Recruiters are interested in hiring you, they will extend an invitation to Applicant Orientation.

When is Applicant Orientation?

Application Orientation always starts at 9 am on a predetermined day.  It is by invitation only.  Please do not bring others to orientation.  When you arrive, please check in at the front desk.

How long is Applicant Orientation?

Applicants can expect to be here for 1-2 hours. This includes the orientation and individual interview.

Where do I park?

Please do not park in any of the Ocean Peace labeled parking spots. Parking is available along the side of the street.

Am I guaranteed a job if I attend Applicant Orientation?

No, Applicant Orientation is a chance for applicants to learn more about the job.  Applicants are guaranteed an interview after orientation.

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