How do I apply?

You can apply online.  A Vessel Recruiter will contact you if we decide to move forward with your application

Can I have an interview over the phone since I live in another state?

We like to meet our crew in person before we send them on the boat.  All interviews are done in our office located near the Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle. We do not do Skype or phone interviews.

Am I guaranteed a job if I come for the interview?

No.  An interview does NOT guarantee you will be hired.  Employment is based on several factors: your in-person interview, results of a basic health check, background check, reference check and pre-employment drug test.

Will you buy me a ticket to Seattle for an interview? 

No.  Applicants are required to pay for their own travel to come into the office for an in-person interview.

I don’t have any fishing experience. Can I still be hired?

Yes.  We are willing to train the right applicants. 

How long are the contracts?

All contracts are trip to trip. Crew members may sign a contract extension form at the end of each trip. Crew members that worked onboard the boat for 75 or more consecutive days will have their airfare paid for the by Ocean Peace. We allow our crew to stay onboard up to 90 days before we bring them home to enjoy time off.

Do you pay for me to fly to Alaska?

Ocean Peace will advance you the airfare from Seattle to the vessel.  If a crew member has worked aboard the boat for 75 or more consecutive days, Ocean Peace will refund the cost of the airfare.  If a crew member has worked aboard the boat for less than 75 consecutive days, the cost of airfare to and from the vessel may be deducted from the crew members pay.

Can you advance me a ticket to Seattle to begin my contract?

Seattle is our point of hire and crew members are responsible for getting to Seattle before the start of their contract.

Can I pick which vessel I will work on?

No. We place crew based on the needs of Ocean Peace and each vessel.

How do I get paid?

Ocean Peace pays on a crew share basis. All crew members are paid in full 30 days after each offload.

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